Friday, April 27, 2007

Map My Florida

Here's an idea -- using Google's My Maps for historical sites or events. See how they explained it over at Tulsa Preservation Blog, including a link to a great example.

There's even blogs about Google Maps, like Google Maps Mania, which has a side bar section of links to historically themed Google maps.

But where are the Florida maps?! There are so many possibilities, like swamp ape sightings, a literary tour of the Keys, historic house museums, Jim Morrison in Florida.

Has anybody seen any Florida art/history/culture maps made using Google's My Maps?


  1. Hmm, I haven't but using the One-tank Trips books as a source to make a map might be kind of cool too.

  2. Hi IFly-

    I'm familiar with the One-tank books, but I've never actually read one -- what do you think of them? Do you recommend them?


  3. I think they're great. They highlight some interesting places that I'd never think of or maybe not have known of, even having grown up in Tampa. As with everything, not all the trips are something I'd do, but all in all most are worth investigation if you have the time. Even if you don't get the chance to visit, the places the books list provide some good inspiration for further research of our surrounding area. It's been a while since I've pulled them off the case, but when I got them, I used to just read through them to remind me of home. Some are places I went to as a kid, and would have never been able to find them again without some legwork. I think it was '78 or so when my dad took us to Spook Hill. It was listed in the first book. The "Hey I remember that place!" nostalgia made it well worth it for me.

  4. Did your dad's car go backwards at Spook Hill? (I've never tried it). Summer vacation will be here soon and should have an opportunity for a one-tank trip to somewhere new!

  5. Everyone in the car thought it did(unless Pops was just playing along for effect.)


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