Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome to the Waterdome Redux

I finally had a chance to see the Waterdome at Florida Southern College in action, nearly a year and a half after its rebirth! It was bluer and smaller than I expected, although a nearby sign detailed a schedule of when the fountain is off, at partial power, and full blast. We were there on a Saturday afternoon -- at least half the people we saw were like us - wandering around staring at the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. Even though it has been a cool spring season, there's enough concrete and metal on that part of the campus to make a water feature like the fountain a welcome sight.

Welcome to the Waterdome (October 2007)

Frank Lloyd Wright Water Dome / Florida Southern College


  1. I still haven't seen it yet either... it looks pretty need- is this full power or partial power?

  2. Sorry - this is partial power. While we were there it turned off completely, which was substantially less photogenic.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Isn't this prohibited by the new Swiftmud water restrictions?

  4. You know, I hadn't thought of that. I wonder what the deal is with that.


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