Sunday, December 03, 2006

Southeast Seminole Heights Home Tour

The afternoon was warm, but that didn't keep people away from the Southeast Seminole Heights Third Annual Historic Home & Garden Tour. It did make the ice-cold bottles of water on every porch a welcome touch, as were the air-conditioned bright pink shuttle buses. The tour started at the Seminole Heights Baptist Church, which has that fantastic white steeple so familiar to Tampa commuters along I-275. The tour highlighted 10 bungalows, and their proud owners. Each tour guest received a glossy brochure, with a map and information about each stop (for example, for #11, we learned that the house's original owner died on a Wednesday in 1928 when he tripped on a bedroom rug and broke his neck. While that may have given some of us reason to pause, his widow lived in the house another 28 years.)

Another fun moment: walking out the door of one house and being greeted by a cheer-leading squad complete with blue uniforms emblazoned with Lions, chanting: "To let you know our neighborhood, Seminole Heights, is the best."

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