Friday, February 02, 2007

Al Capone Really Did Live Here

Last month was the 60th anniversary of Al Capone's death in Miami Beach. And the Chicago Bears are in town for the Superbowl. So here are some recent articles about Capone and his Palm Island home, which is for sale.

"Original Vice in Miami" (Chicago Tribune)
"Capone's Neglected Place in the Sun" (Chicago Sun-Times)
"Capone Was Chicago Like No One Else" (Orlando Sentinel)

And an article from a Chicago paper about the death of Mayor Anton Cermack in Miami ( A quote: "A case could even be made that Miami owes us one -- though I shudder at the possible ways its citizens might choose to make it up to us, which admittedly could have something to do with me reading too much Florida crime fiction.")

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