Monday, June 18, 2007

History is a Business Asset

"Innovative." "Industry Leader." "Successful." These are positive words -- but can your company back them up with facts and concrete examples? Here are some examples of how Florida companies use history online to put some substance behind those claims.

Innovation is the result of problem solving, a new idea or technology developed in response to a challenge. Innovation sets one company apart from another, and showing how your company has met past challenges encourages customer confidence in your future. An example of innovation from a Florida company? Tropicana's Juice Train solved the problem of shipping fresh orange juice to the Northeast.

A company's creation story helps customers connect with the company and its product on a personal level. Publix's website shares the story of founder George Jenkins, who worked hard during the depression and in the 1940s took out a mortgage to open his dream store, the first supermarket in Florida.

Corporate experience and corporate history go hand in hand, and online timelines highlight acheivments. For example, in 1960, Ryder was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1998, Palm Harbor received the EPA Energy Star Certification.

Consider incorporating your company's history into your next marketing campaign.

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