Monday, June 25, 2007

New Issue of Florida Historical Quarterly

I got my copy of the latest Florida Historical Quarterly in the mail today, and it looks pretty interesting. The articles are:

"A Plague in Paradise: Public Health and Public Relations During the 1962 Encephalitis Epidemic in St. Petersburg, Florida," by Eric Jarvis

"A Women's Page Pioneer: Marie Anderson and Her Influence at the Miami Herald and Beyond," by Kimberly Wilmot Voss and Lance Speere

"Progress and Sacrifice: Tampa Shipyard Workers in world War II," by Stacy Lynn Tanner

I've learned that in an attempt to stop the spread of St. Louis Encephalitis, the City of St. Petersburg made it against the law to feed wild birds (including pigeons in parks), that journalist Marie Anderson used the newspaper's women's page to promote feminism, and that shipyard workers organized into leagues to play basketball and softball.

The Florida Historical Quarterly is a benefit of membership in the Florida Historical Society.

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