Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Florida Author Tim Dorsey

Florida author Tim Dorsey spoke at the Upper Tampa Bay Library last night. His most recent book is Hurricane Punch, and he is working on the third draft of his next novel. The books are in that genre of Florida humorous crime novels populated by unusual characters, such as Serge Storms, serial killer and font of Florida lore. Serge often is described as the main character of Dorsey's books, but according to the author this is incorrect: "Florida is actually the main character."

Dorsey's stories are packed with Florida places, people, and stories. How do readers react to such specific settings, detailed right down to street addresses? Dorsey described two types of reactions he has encountered. People who live in Florida and are initimately acquainted with the place say that they feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. On the other hand, some people from out of state use the books as an "insider's travel guide." The places in Dorsey's books are real, places you can actually visit, places that might not make it into Fodor's guide.

For more information about Tim Dorsey, his books, and speaking calendar, visit his website,

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