Wednesday, September 26, 2007

State Vegetable?

It came to my attention today that Florida doesn't have a state vegetable. State fruit, pie, beverage, flower, soil, freshwater fish, and many more, but no veggie. That's ok -- many states don't, and of the ones that do, two chose sweet potato, some picked tomatoes, and three selected some variety of onion. Utah added the State Historic Vegetable section (sugar beet), and Oklahoma started conversation by naming watermelon as its state vegetable.

Practically every vegetable under the sun is grown in Florida -- which would best represent this state? How about naming the state tree (Sabal Palm) as the state vegetable as well? That would be swamp cabbage (or hearts of palm, depending on where you are dining). However, since harvesting the cabbage kills the tree, you would need permission before using fresh swamp cabbage to make this recipe:

Marinated Flank Steak with Stewed Florida Swamp Cabbage (from Emeril Lagasse and the Food

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  1. Anonymous1:48 AM

    I just may have a swamp cabbage solution for you, and since I live in florida it almost counts as authentic even though it comes from my farm in costa rica. I import fresh hearts of palm specifically for recipes like this and many many more. Check out my website, and give me a call if you would like to try some. The florida state vegetable is now grown in Costa Rica, and the life of the tree is not sacraficed in the process.
    Fresh Regards,


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