Monday, September 03, 2007

No White Shoes After Labor Day, or, Is Florida a Southern State?

Today is Labor Day, an occassion first observed 125 years ago to honor America's workers. In the intervening years, Labor Day came to symbolize the end of summer. Somewhere along the way, Southern women adopted a tradition that white shoes should be worn only only after Easter and before Labor Day.

So where does this leave women in Florida? Is this a Southern state, or not? A common generalization is that the further south you go in Florida, the further north you are. One professor I know sometimes muses that the line between the two is marked by whether you are served grits or a croissant for breakfast. I'm wondering -- could the line be drawn by whether or not women wear white shoes after Labor Day?

I don't want to get into North v. South debates -- we're all part of Florida's culture and heritage. But I am curious -- will women in Tallahassee be wearing white shoes this week? How about women in Miami?


  1. Honeychild,

    These days, if it fits your foot and it's comfortable, it don't matter a hill of acorns what color the shoe is. If we can wear red hats and purple dresses, then we can wear white shoes whenever we darn well please. That's what I say, anyhows. Reckon?

    Half the time I don't wear no shoes no ways.

    The other half the time I'm barefoot.

    The other half of the time I'm sleepin.

    I don't do no math past Labor Day, though.

    Miss T

  2. I've been thinking about what you wrote, and intellectually I agree with you. But some part of me just can't help but feel that I shouldn't be wearing white shoes in months with an r.

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I am going to a beach formal wedding in south Florida in November. I have a pair of pearly white mules or a pair of bronze sandals that would match my dress. The whites would definitely be more comfortable but a girl has to pay a price to look good. HELP!

  4. Outdoor weddings and funerals in Florida present perplexing clothing challenges. Chances are you'll kick the shoes off entirely on the beach, so which will look best dangling from your fingers?

  5. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Seriosly, there is dinner and dancing in the hotel. Which shoes should I wear? Seriously, I'd much prefer barefoot, but can't let the southerners think we northerners have no class.

  6. Do the pearly whites look OK with the dress? south Florida isn't all that Southern. I've seen all white pants suits with white shoes in the wintertime, and I mean white white. In Ft. Lauderdale, for whatever that's worth.

  7. Anonymous7:41 AM

    It's worth a lot. You southerners have a lot of class and charm but a girl from the big city (who really d oes know how to dress) was a little stupped. For what it's worth, the hot bronze sandals would look better hanging off my finger. Maybe I'lll just pack them both. Love ya! Thanks.


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