Thursday, March 20, 2008

Read All About It

Florida news stories:

"Good grief! Owners say downtown comedy club haunted" (Ocala Star-Banner, March 6, 2008): "The ghost goes by the name of Linus...."

"A Saint, A Servant, and A Secret Pact" (Tampa Tribune, March 15, 2008): "The men would buy the food and cook an authentic Italian banquet for the spring fundraiser. They would tackle the whole shebang: pasta with an herb-infused tomato sauce, maybe throw in some anchovies and sardines; whole red snapper or grouper; chopped Swiss chard, pattied and fried; cardoon; fried cauliflower; homemade braided breads; and that crowd favorite, pignolata, fried pastries drizzled in a sweet honey mixture. Ladies from Tampa's tight-knit Italian-American community pitched in."

"In 'Gibtown,' Life Is A Carnival" (Tampa Tribune, March 3, 2008): "The 8-foot-4-inch Al Tomaini was volunteer fire chief. He ran Giant's Place restaurant beside the Alafia River. He was married to a legless woman, Jeanie the Half-Girl, who sold the business after he died. The restaurant closed last year."

"Two riders hope to preserve the heritage of Florida Cracker horses" (Gainesville Sun): "The two men and their Cracker horses Roady and Harvey's Dun Dealin - who are genetically linked to the Spanish horses brought to Florida by explorer Hernando DeSoto in 1539 - still have five more days of riding before making it to Tallahassee."

"NBC Puts Historic Miami Station Up For Sale" (, March 19, 2008): "WTVJ went on the air on Channel 4 59 years ago this week, March 21, 1949, as the first television station in Florida and only the 16th station in the nation. "

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