Friday, March 21, 2008

A Warm Spring Evening

Here's one of the good things about living in Florida -- friends and family come and visit you here. When they do, it's a wonderful excuse to take off after work and have barbeque on the front porch of an old camelback bungalow. And perhaps an after-dinner stroll down the bay shore.

Kojak's on Gandy Boulevard

Downtown Tampa at dusk

All in all, a good way to celebrate the first day of Spring.

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  1. I enjoyed the historical write up of Bayshore, a strete that always struck me as odd when I live din St Petersburg. It seemed exclusionary to me, expesnive, expansive homes and nothing to obstruct their view. i always wondered why there wasn't a decent waterfront restaurant for instance or some way for the plebs to enjoy the view...being as how I was an i nterloping pleb I suppose.
    What is this "Spring" thing people keep talking about? Any night is good for a stroll surely?


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