Monday, July 21, 2008

Paul Rudolph in Texas

A recent trip to Texas resulted in many pictures of buildings, but few related to Florida! However, fans of Paul Rudolph (the architect) may be interested in photos of the Sid Richardson Science building on the campus of Texas Christian University. I have an undergraduate degree in Biology from TCU, and therefore spent many, many hours in this building. I had no idea it was a Paul Rudolph design until a year or two ago. It's an interesting building to be in, lots of shapes and curves. It can be difficult to find the lecture hall on the first day of class, with everything is tucked away under some ledge or another. It's a bit like learning in a rock shelter. And I do remember that ventilation wasn't so great for Chemistry labs. The stairwells are wonderful visually, despite being firetraps.

Sid Richardson Building - North Side

East Side

South Side

Ramp to courtyard



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