Sunday, March 18, 2007

There's a Big World Out There

This weekend I decided to see if people in other places are writing state-themed blogs about history and such. I did find some (and I don't claim this to be a complete list, just some that interested me).

Closest to home is Georgia on My Mind, written by a history teacher, who contributes to other blogs as well (History is Elementary and American Presidents).

Further north, I found All Things Maine, which led me to Strange Maine ("This site is a nexus for conversation about Maine's very special strangeness, the people who love it, the people who have experienced it, & the people who are intrigued by it. History, mysteries, legends, current events, cryptozoology, & more"). Maybe we could have a contest to see which state is quirkier, Florida or Maine!

Come back southward just a touch, and there's Cow Hampshire ("Blogging about New Hampshire History, Genealogy, Photography & Humor"). The blog's curious name is explained here.

Ohio has some excellent blogs. MyHometownOhio is one of the best historic preservation blogs around. And since I tend to write about old bridges, the Historic Ohio Iron and Steel Bridges blog was a great find.

Some of the state & history blogs I found are also war & history blogs. Old Virginia Blog is about the Civil War in Virginia, and North Carolina and the Civil War is about ... well, you can figure that one out. Boston 1775 is about Massachusetts during the American Revolution. It is also one of the most read history blogs around, and was featured on Blogger a couple of months back.

Boston 1775 is perhaps more about Boston than Massachusetts, which opens up another category of place & history blogs, those that focus on a particular town rather than an entire state. In that category, I like Endangered Durham, which features lots of historic photos and current photos of historic structures. There are many, many other blogs that are about a particular place and its history or cultures. Today I chose to write about some outside of Florida. If there are some similar blogs that you particularly enjoy, please share!


  1. Thanks for the mention and the links to the other great blogs about state/place history. Some were new to me. I'll be adding these to my blogrolls somewhere...but now I'm thinking I need a "state/place" history blogroll. I'm forever wanting to compartmentalize everything.

    Thanks for visiting my little corner of this big old blogosphere.:)

  2. I'm looking forward to checking these blogs out. I've read a couple from time to time (Boston 1776 and MyHomeTown Ohio), but most are new to me, so thanks for pointing them out. I enjoy reading your blog; you and your readers may also be interested in mine -- I maintain it "unofficially" for the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture's M.S. in Building Conservation program as a service to our students, prospective students, faculty, and the wider preservation community, particularly in the NE US. While some posts are specific to our program and Troy, New York, most are about preservation topics of interest to anyone in the field. There are lots of links to HP organizations too. Thanks again, Amy Facca.

  3. Amy,
    Your blog is interesting -- I read it frequently, and I'm adding a link from My Florida History to RPI. I know that you've mentioned Florida's own Save Our Sarasota. I should have included some NY blogs -- but it seemed that they were either upstate or NYC. Lucy

  4. Thanks, Lucy! Am looking forward to checking out all your new links...many are new to me. Great post too about the Florida podcasts. I am a relatively new blogger (5+ months) and have become fascinated at the many ways individuals interested in history, history teachers, historians, historical societies/museums, and historic preservation organizations are using blogs to "spread the message," share knowledge, etc. I plan to add more history/preservation blogs soon, and will add yours. Thanks again, Amy


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