Saturday, May 24, 2008

Florida News Stories

"Free flying parrots are all around us" (Miami Herald, May 18, 2008) "One of them has raggedy tail feathers. Both have that unmistakable scream, deep throated and meant to be heard across the rain forest. From time to time, they set to work on the headless royal palm, ripping at the trunk with their beaks, teasing us with the thought that they might nest in the cavity they've created."

"Silver Springs marks 'Sea Hunt' anniversary - underwater" (Ocala Star Banner, May 23, 2008) "Some 50 years ago, actor Lloyd Bridges dove into the cool, crystal-clear waters at Silver Springs attraction playing scuba hero Mike Nelson on the television series "Sea Hunt.""

"Sssomething different on menu: rattlesnake " (St. Petersburg Times, May 16, 2008) ""The rattlesnakes were more prolific than the crops I planted..."

"Greek Diver Has Soaked Up Life Like A Sponge" (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, May 24, 2008) "Taso, short for Anastasios, has creased bronze skin and a salt-and-pepper moustache. When he crosses the deck of the Anastasi, his 48-foot fishing boat, there's a little swagger in his step."

"Sacred Heart Jump-Starts Wedding Photo Project" (Tampa Tribune, May 24, 2008) "...looking for wedding photos from Sacred Heart and its predecessor, St. Louis Church, that date all the way to 1860. The photos will be mounted and displayed as part of Sacred Heart's 150th anniversary celebration...."

"When Glades burn, a delicate balance" (Sarasota Herald Tribune, May 24, 2008) "The fire has scorched about 40,000 acres, sent smoke over Miami and forced schools to close temporarily. And yet it has also put nutrients into the soil, killed non-native plants and made it harder for hawks to prey on the endangered Cape Sable seaside sparrow."

"Residents urged to look out for owls" (News Press, May 24, 2008)

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