Monday, May 19, 2008

St. Augustine's Donkey Burial

Last year archaeologist Carl Halbirt discovered an intentionally buried donkey dating to the seventeenth century in St. Augustine. His talk given at the recent Florida Anthropological Society meeting was popular with other Florida archaeologists, and now you have a chance to look at this unusual find and make your own conclusions: why would someone bury a donkey?, why was it buried the way it was?, and how did the donkey die?

Read "The Case of the Disarticulated Donkey" from Archaeology magazine, and send in your answers.

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  1. There is no doubt but that a crazy donkey in St. Augustine deserves the utmost attention. As someone who had ridden your normal donkey, i wonder as to the specifics of an abnormal donkey. Is the cross backards? That was a normal sign of demonic presence. Should one approach with cross holy water? Maybe some garlic would help! Anyway, good hunting. Be sure to look at Spanish Stret.


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